We only select and use the highest quality concrete sleepers and fencing solutions across our housing estates, shopping centres, residential, commercial and civil projects.

Concrete sleepers

Our concrete sleeper retaining walls are constructed using Durawall concrete sleepers that are manufactured from 40 mpa concrete and reinforced with 2 x N12 reo bars. They comply to Australian Standards 4678 & 3600 and are available in several lengths – 1.5m, 2m, 2.4m and 3m.  The sleepers are engineered to retain up to 4.0m high with the option of the installation of a 1.8m fence on top. 

Each sleeper is manufactured to exact dimensions which ensures every sleeper is exactly the same, giving you a more uniform look on every project. This makes them perfect for developments, subdivisions, residential and industrial applications.

Urban Retaining Walls and Landscaping don’t do supply only but you can contact Durawall and buy direct from the manufacturer, saving you dollars.

Design Range

We have a range of unique sleeper designs that stand out and make a real impression.

Our current range includes smooth concrete, driftwood, granite stone and the new hampton stone.

concrete sleepers in smooth grey design
smooth grey
concrete sleepers in granite stone grey design
granite stone grey
concrete sleepers in driftwood grey design
driftwood grey
concrete sleepers in hampton stone grey design
**NEW** hampton stone grey

Colour Options

We use a penetrating sealer which gives the advantage of a true richer colour and provides a better range of colour options.

Our main colour choices are monument, wheat and chocolate. We can also source other colours if required.

concrete sleepers display in monument colour
monument colour
concrete sleepers display in wheat colour
wheat colour


We use galvanised steel posts for our concrete sleeper retaining wall system. 

The appropriate H-beam and C-channel posts are chosen to suit the wall height and individual project requirements – the most common being UC100 and PFC100.

The posts are galvanised to Australian standard – hot dipped 600g/m.

Want to see more? Click below to view our recent projects.

retaining wall steel H posts
retaining wall steel posts
Two tier fence with concrete sleeper retaining wall and timber fence
Urban Retaining Wall, Fencing and Landscaping project - timber fence with landscaping
Urban Retaining Wall, Fencing and Landscaping project - concrete sleeper retaining wall and landscaping
Urban Retaining Wall, Fencing and Landscaping project - timber fence

all types of fencing solutions

We use only high quality products to install all types of fencing solutions. We have been building fences for almost 30 years and can supply and install:

  • timber fences
  • pool style fencing
  • colorbond fences
  • acoustic or sound attenuation fences
  • good neighbour fences
  • modular fences
  • feature fencing and retaining walls

We can use a combination of concrete sleepers with steel posts to retain the landscape and then add the timber wall to the neighbouring yard to create a good neighbour fence.

We can supply and install pool fences and feature fencing for larger residential projects where you are looking for that wow factor.

Concrete sleepers are not just for retaining walls either. They can be used to create lovely design features. Have a look at our projects to get inspired.


Timber Posts, Rails and pailings

Pailing timber fences have long proven to be a popular choice offering both longevity and value for money. 

A standard timber fence can be installed up to 2.4m in height,  providing privacy, security and they work with all home designs. This versatile choice is a timeless design and suitable for Australian conditions. They can be perfect for residential and commercial projects, with installation on even the most difficult of sloping sites.

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